Glory Falls Alcohol Ink Mixed Media Painting of white heron crane

About Glory Falls, the Crane in the rain

The Crane in the Rain

I was camping with my husband at a state park in Oklahoma, enjoying the fresh air and disconnect from social media and the cares of worldly things. We had set up our tent near the lake, where we could enjoy the view of my favorite things...nature and sunsets. It was a perfect getaway from our city life and the hustle and bustle of family responsibilities.

That evening, it started to rain. A soothing gentle rain that began to come down a bit harder. The sound of the rain drops on the tent, while soothing, kept me awake. Since I could not sleep I decided to go outside. Our tent has a little alcove that we put chairs and a heater in for just these type of situations. 

I could hear the night sounds under the rain and decided to put on my rain coat and shoes, grabbing my flashlight.  The rain had eased up somewhat and just felt like a fine mist with the occasional plop plop sound of rain hitting the tent and the lake, creating little ripples and splashing sounds in the distance.  The trees swayed gently and the air moved softly with the wind.

While I peered out at the shore line of the lake, I saw something that made me stop in awe. A glorious white crane, with a long neck and beautiful white feathers, standing in the water, facing the sky. It appeared to be enjoying the evening rain shower, as if bathing in it.I had seen cranes before, but never like this. It was a glorious sight and felt quite spiritual and rare. I felt a connection in that moment of joy and delight in the world God had created for me. 

I watched this beautiful large crane for quite sometime. Amazed by its grace and elegance. I am not sure if it realized I was watching. I was concerned about disturbing its peace and scaring it away. I felt such delight watching this beautiful creature. Eventually, I quietly turned and left though I could have stood there forever.

In the morning, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. I shared this experience with my husband. We looked to see if the crane was still there, but it was gone. No trace of it, but a few muddy prints. 

Many times I wondered if I dreamed it. I knew it was not a dream. The memory of it will always be in my heart. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life and one of the most precious gifts from God I could receive. 

It was my crane in the rain at Glory Falls.



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